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    Now as in the past – an event venue in a magnificent guise

    Situated on top of Johannisberg: the Historische Stadthalle [Historic Town Hall] in Wuppertal. Magnificent. With a panoramic view of the city. It has been inspiring locals and visitors alike for over a century. And it is single venue for all occasions – all genres, all events, all sizes.

    "The building was born for classical music," raves Silke Asbeck. The Great Hall, for example, is one of the best acoustic concert halls in Europe, proudly adds the managing director of the Historische Stadthalle. For nearly twenty years now, her heart has been beating fast for the impressive magnificent building on Johannisberg.

    Silke Asbeck is always on top of things. She actively joins in. And nothing is too delicate for her. She has a friendly word for everyone and always has an open ear. Dynamic and determined, without the airs and graces.

    Her team of 70 people can rely on her. And she can rely on her team. Together they rock up to 500 events every year: be it a tattoo convention, tango festival, business event, wedding, classical concert or trade fair.

    Everything has to run like clockwork, she says. And she adds: "If we have several seating rearrangements in one day at the weekend during high season, this naturally means that chairs and tables will be flying around. But the guest or the host, of course, should not be aware of that."

    The Historische Stadthalle is a true (cult)ural venue. Perhaps even the prime location in Bergisches Land. One house, ten halls. A luxurious setting for events of all kinds. Those who enter it will be welcomed with true dignity. The Wandelhalle conveys the stylish atmosphere of the Fin de Siècle.

    When the event hall was opened in 1900, the young Richard Strauss performed at the inauguration. Since then, celebrities have been constantly frequenting the Historische Stadthalle. Sometimes as performers, sometimes as visitors.

    The in-house restaurant Rossini in the basement offers delicious culinary delights. Outstanding cuisine and cultural delights played an important role even before the Historische Stadthalle was built. Before, the location was home to the old inn of the Küpper family with a banqueting hall in which about a thousand people could be seated.

    Even today, everything on Johannisberg is about the well-being of the guests. And Silke Asbeck is the perfect hostess. One of her tasks is to fulfill all the wishes of her customers, she says and adds: "We also host quite a number of weddings here. And when the bride wants to enter the Great Hall on a white steed, we will also make that possible. And we have actually already made that possible."


    Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal
    Johannisberg 40
    42103 Wuppertal
    Tel. +49 (0)202 / 24 58 90
    E-Mail: info@stadthalle.de
    Internet: www.stadthalle.de


    Silke Asbeck

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