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    When the castle's history comes alive with castle guide Cevin Conrad

    With Cevin "home alone" at the castle? This is possible at Castle Burg. "Every Bergisch youngster needs a castle," says Cevin Conrad in the local dialect Bergisch Platt. As an American, he even has a West Bergisch accent, the castle guide adds with a smile. It was love that brought him to the Bergisch region. More than 30 years ago, he met and fell in love with his wife at the airport. He still has butterflies in his stomach when he sees and thinks of her. Cevin Conrad admits that he later also fell a little in love with Castle Burg.

    For around 300 years, the castle was the centre of power of a noble family. The region also owes its name to the Counts of Berg. The imposing fortress had its heyday in the Middle Ages. Those who embark on a tour of the castle with Cevin undertake a journey through time through an impressive structure consisting of a knight's hall, bower and armoury. The tour will give you a first-hand impression of what life here used to be like. "At that time, life at the castle was probably a little harder than you might think today," says the tour guide. Most people believed that the entire castle was bustling with life. In reality, however, only one or two rooms were usually inhabited. Heating the castle was difficult. There was no isolation, no glass either. The heat simply dissipated through the open windows. Cevin Conrad explains that the other rooms were only used and heated when high-ranking visitors were expected.

    In the Middle Ages the fortress became a castle. Sometimes used as a hunting lodge, sometimes as a widow's residence. From the 17th century onward, the castle became less important for the Dukes of Berg. Used for very different purposes over the next centuries, its fate was to be destined to that of becoming a ruin.

    Counts have long ceased to exist at Castle Burg. Nevertheless, today the castle complex presents itself in a splendid garment. A castle society was founded at the end of the 19th century, says Cevin Conrad. Initially, the aim was to preserve the castle ruins. Reconstruction began in 1890. According to Cevin Conrad, today's castle building association has become the successor. The association was responsible for the fact that the former seat of the Counts of Berg was returned to its former splendour. And for a good ten years he, Cevin, has also been making his own personal contribution, he proudly notes.

    Castle Burg is today one of the most famous landmarks in Bergisches Land. A popular excursion destination for tourists who visit the castle not only because of the fantastic view. The aim was to retain the original atmosphere, but visitors should be able to experience the ancient stone witness of the past in a modern way. An app and 360-degree animations make this possible. There are exciting stories to read and listen to, such as the stories of the knight's fall.

    Medieval tournaments and markets bring the past back to life. The guided tours with Cevin Conrad, who whisks his guests away to another world with passion and enthusiasm, also contribute to preserving the fascination of the Middle Ages. High up at Castle Burg. In Bergisches Land.


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