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    A success story of light and space

    Jule Dinnebier brings light into the darkness. Light is a family tradition. She is one of five girls. The baby of the family. Following in her parent’s footsteps wasn’t so easy she says. Two generations, two visions.

    Her parents, Lisa and Johannes Dinnebier, founded the company Licht im Raum in the 1950s. The vision: light as a design medium in architecture.

    Johannes Dinnebier was part of the avant-garde. He is considered to have been Germany’s first lighting designer. Lighting design – Made in Solingen – became a worldwide hit. The firm expanded. It moved to Wuppertal, to Schloss Lüntenbeck. The lighting is produced at their own factory and then sent all over the world.

    In 1996, the Bergisch lighting visionary bought an old water tower. His idea: to convert the tower in Solingen-Gräfrath into a light tower. He got physically involved himself. Despite all of the scepticism from outside, the plan succeeded. Lichtturm Solingen became the company’s own forge of creativity. An exhibition space and event location. With fantastic views of the Bergisches Land. And by night, of the entire galaxy.

    2001: A generational change at the Dinnebier establishment. Daughter Jule assumed responsibility with her husband Daniel. To continue the family business in her own way. With passion. Future-oriented.

    All Licht in Raum products are made by hand, piece by piece, the lighting designer explains. Dinnebier lighting and Jule Dinnebier are moving forward with the times. And the product? Designer lights as modern, timeless classics. Customers who bought lights decades ago at their Düsseldorf shop still bring them back to be repaired today, says Jule Dinnebier with a smile.

    For her, lighting and brand belong together. A unique style. Simple. Elegant. Timeless. Her aim is to develop lighting solutions based on the respective situation. To consistently further conceive and develop the ideas of the company founder. Visionary solutions combined with healthy pragmatism. That is why the lights are fitted with high-performance LED systems. Using modern technology, much can be digitally simulated but the effects of light can only be experience in reality.

    Which position would be best suited for a light tower? She and her husband would like to use the light dome as a place of inspiration and for experimenting, Jule Dinnebier reveals. The route from the factory to the highest point in Solingen where the tower stands is no longer so far since 2019. The company moved back to Solingen for reasons related to space. A simple, modern building in Gräfrath’s industrial district. With more room and lots of light. With their own showroom and of course a factory outlet.

    The company founder received an honorary prize at the German Lighting Design Awards for his life’s work in 2019. A vision that his daughter Jule is continuing. In the Bergisches Land, that is very important to her.


    Dinnebier Licht GmbH
    Piepersberg 36
    42653 Solingen
    Tel. +49 (0)212 / 59 67 33-0
    E-mail: info@dinnebier-licht.de
    Internet: www.dinnebier-licht.de

    Jule Dinnebier

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