1. Bergisch mal Drei
  2. Hiking

    Discover the tri-city area on foot

    Three cities, three valleys, three lakes – you can experience nature at every turn around the Bergisch tri-city area. Choose from a variety of tours: You can decide whether to go on a short or long hike, hike the whole route or just part of it.

    Take a forest bath or a dip in the refreshing Wupper reservoir

    On your hike over hills, through valleys and along rivers, you’ll pause and take the time to look, experience and enjoy a breather. Can you hear the leaves rustling? Or the rushing sound of the Wupper, Morsbach or Eschbach rivers? 

    Look, marvel and take it all in

    Experience the diversity of the Bergisches Land and go in search of clues: Schloss Burg, Müngsten Bridge, traditional gems as well as hammers, cottages and forges are waiting to be discovered.

    Unending outdoor adventure

    Hike the region around Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal on the quality “Bergische Weg” hiking trail. Hungry for more? The historic trail takes you through the Naturpark Bergisches Land to the famous Drachenfels in the Siebengebirge uplands.

    Whichever route you choose, your hike through the Bergisches Land will be captivating every time!



    Small contribution – big effect
    Get away from everyday life. Out into nature. And just set off. The wonderfully situated hiking trails in the Bergisches Land make it possible. Here, well cared-for and marked out routes await you.
    Maintaining and caring for the hiking trails requires a lot of effort and costs money. With WanderCent, every hiker can make their own voluntary contribution. And by doing so are supporting Naturpark Bergisches Land in its work. Signs along the hiking trails throughout the entire Naturpark Bergisches Land mention the initiative. And give information on how it works.