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  3. Virtual journey through time

    Go with us on a journey through time into the industrial culture of the Bergisch tri-city angle

    The Bergische Drei virtual and augmented reality app brings protagonists of Bergisch industrial culture back to life. Our time-traveling reporter interviews 16 celebrities - from Count Engelbert to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen - as well as representatives of traditional Bergisch professions - from ribbon weavers to liewer women. With a current smartphone, the animated 3D protagonists can be placed at specified locations on the ground of reality.

    At five locations in the Bergisch region, you can immerse yourself in historical 3D worlds with VR cardboards. With the Bergisch Three VR cardboard, you can experience Tuffi's fall into the Wupper or the Müngsten Bridge under construction, Röntgen in his laboratory, Count Engelbert at Burg Castle and Eugen Langen in his dream of the suspension railroad. By means of 360° photos, you also get a foretaste of a visit to locations in the region that are relevant to industrial history.

    The Bergische-Drei app guides you via GPS to the points-of-interest where the augmented and virtual scenes can be experienced. For an optimal experience, we recommend that you download the separate content of the individual points-of-interest in your home WLAN before the trip, so that all content is available directly when using the app.

    You can get the Bergische-Drei app now in your Google Play Store (Android) and in your Apple App Store (IOS Apple).

    You can find the links to the app stores, as well as instructions and further information on how to use the VR cardboards directly on this page.

    Have fun with your virtual time travel!


    App and instructions are currently only available in German. Thank you very much for your understanding.


    Time travel locations

    Here you can get the app


    Here you can get the VR Cardboards:

    Deutsches Röntgen-Museum
    Schwelmer Straße 41
    42897 Remscheid

    Wuppertal Touristik
    Alte Freiheit 23
    42103 Wuppertal

    Die Bergischen Drei
    Kölner Straße 8
    42651 Solingen

    The first 1000 copies will be given away for free (one cardboard per person), later they will cost about 4 euros.



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