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    - that is the traditional company Haaner Felsenquelle. Since 1909, "dat joode Water" has been bottled and delivered from Haan to the region. As the only mineral spring in the Bergisches Land region, Haaner Felsenquelle is now an important local supplier for the region.

    The extensive product range is based on two strong mineral water brands that differ in character, mineralization, and carbonation: "Haaner Felsenquelle" sparkling and "Bergische Waldquelle" non-carbonated. Delicious mineral water-based soft drinks round off the portfolio. Consciously regional marketing ensures short transport routes and thus protects the environment and the climate: an entrepreneurial as well as personal concern of the family. In keeping with the motto "Consciously Bergisch", Haaner Felsenquelle is particularly committed to local initiatives, takes on environmental protection tasks, and cultivates the local culture of life. The passion for the Bergisches Land and its people forms an important part of the lived corporate philosophy of the owners Gabriele and Helmut Römer as well as the following generation Thomas and Stephan Römer.


    Haaner Felsenquelle, staatl. anerkannte Heilquelle GmbH
    Flurstraße 140
    42781 Haan



    +49 (0)21 29 / 94 94 0