Bergischly delicious

From Kottenbotter (sausage sandwiches) and Kaffeetafeln (coffee and snacks) to new Bergisch cuisine

Bergisch cuisine is traditionally hearty cuisine. With simple ingredients. Try the Kottenbotter. A brown or black bread double-decker made with butter, pork sausage, onions and mustard. This used to be a typical breakfast for the grinders. If visitors were announced, everything to be found in the larder was put on the table: “Koffeedrenken met allem Dröm on Dran” (drinking coffee with all the trimmings).

The Bergische Kaffeetafel (coffee and snacks) is celebrated at many hostelries and restaurants. Order it and see: served with raisin bread and black bread, honey, molasses, quark and cheese, rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar as well as Bergisch waffles with warm cherries and whipped cream. And in the middle of it all, the “Dröppelminna”. A tin pot with a tap. Inside, there is a kind of coffee filter and a riser filter. A predecessor to the modern coffee machine. Place your cup under the tap and see how the coffee “drips in”. A schnapps, brandy or liqueur is recommended afterwards as a digestif. A Bergisch original, of course. Since 1823, schnapps and liqueurs have been produced at a distillery in Remscheid.

The streamlined version consists of waffles with warm cherries and cream. Or with rice pudding and ice-cream. “Pillekuoken” (potato pancakes) and “Riefkuoken” (potato fritters) are a bit heartier. The first one is a kind of pancake, the other a crispy potato fritter fried in fat. These are served with salmon, crème fraîche or horseradish. Would you prefer something sweet? Then order apple purée, molasses or apple butter with it.

Bergisch cuisine can also be lighter. And is being re-interpreted. A mix of new and proven. Turnip greens, herring dip and pearl barley a different way. Have you ever had pumpernickel as a desert? Perhaps would you like to do some sizzling yourself. Many restaurants offer cookery courses.

Enjoy in the Bergisch tri-city area - there’s something to suit every taste.