Tour 6: Tri-city area east

Clothmakers, valley reservoirs, x-rays: there’s something happening here

With water power and ingenuity to world fame: the tri-city area of Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid is unique. The best example: the suspension railway. Where else has anyone simply hung the public transport system over the river? For 120 years!

You can see this masterwork up close on your road trip before you turn off for Barmen to the south in the land of the weaving mills.

Bandweberei Kafka still maintains the old traditions today. But many small weaving mills around Beyenburg did not survive the competition. This interesting history is told by the Wülfing Museum, which is on your way to the Wuppertalsperre reservoir.

Relaxed and refreshed, your tour takes you on to Lennep, where the historic old town invites you to take a break. You can leave the car or motorbike behind when you visit the textile museum. Or learn about one of the most important scientists of his time: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

Back in Barmen, you will agree: the tri-city area in the Bergisches Land is a unique symbiosis of handicraft, science and wonderful natural surroundings.


Start: A 46 Sonnborner Kreuz, alternatively A 1 Remscheid-Lennep 
Route: 45 kilometres