Tour 5: Tri-city area west

Any number of ideas for a longer visit

Admittedly: in order to enjoy all of the highlights on this tour in peace, you should plan a longer stay. Famous and less well-known destinations are nearby: we want to go there again.

For example the old town of Gräfrath. A hidden gem that can be easily reached from the A 46. Treat your car, your motorbike and yourself to a break. You won’t be disappointed.

Then stroll over to the Klingenmuseum (blade museum). Or to Kunstmuseum Solingen: with its Centre of Persecuted Arts it is anything but boring.

After a short drive, further highlights await you in West Wuppertal. A ride on the suspension railway doesn’t take long. You should plan a little more time for a visit to Wuppertal Zoo, which is considered to be very good.

After the restrictions of the city, the driving southward through villages and forests is a lovely contrast. A visit to an old forge cottage becomes a trip into a past era.

Detours to Müngsten Bridge and the Bergische Museumsbahn (historical tram railway): once you get back to the marketplace in Gräfrath at the end of your tour, you will certainly have earned some refreshments.