Tour 3: Around Remscheid

Once the cradle of industrialisation – now a landscape paradise

Whether hammers or cottages: streams supplied water power. Hammer mills refined iron into steel. Cottages took care of the grinding and polishing, and made this little, almost impassible region world famous.

Escape the noise of everyday life for a while: follow streams and little rivers past farmsteads and water mills. A little trip back to almost forgotten times.

In the Morsbachtal valley, the German Tool Museum covers the full array from axes to robots. Right next door: the Steffenshammer, which is functional thanks to a private initiative. A little further on, the Trasse des Werkzeugs (tool line) begins, which is an informative footpath and cycle trail.

In the east, Remscheid-Lennep: the historical centre to the east is a wonderful example of Bergisch baroque. On the loop trail, the Eschbachtalsperre reservoir invites you to leave your car or motorbike for a while. A loop trail leads to the valley reservoir – and, as a part of the Way of St James, to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Two highlights to the west should not be left out: Schloss Burg and Müngsten Bridge. As testaments to the significance of the region and the abilities of its inhabitants.