Tour 1: Grand Round Tour

City – countryside – river: experience and enjoy the tri-city area from up close

One should use superlatives sparingly. But Wuppertal really has earned the right to be called unique. Between Vohwinkel and Barmen, you can experience the full diversity of this mix of cities. A trip on the suspension railway is not only worth it for the view. The word unique also applies to many of the train stations,

making the transition to nature much easier. The stretch from Beyenburg to Süden is really attractive for drivers and motorcyclists. The old towns of Lennep or Gräfrath offer welcome opportunities to take a relaxing break in the tranquil Bergisch landscape.

And along the way, evidence of the handicraft that made the region famous all over the world. To the east, weavers had been using the water power of small streams for centuries. To the west lies Solingen, the ‘Klingenstadt’ (city of blades). Between them, a jump into the middle ages high above at Schloss Burg and then on to a masterpiece of technical engineering – Müngsten Bridge.

Numerous museums along this route guarantee lots of eye-opening experiences. And where before cloth was woven and blades forged, you can now enjoy the often rustic hospitality, for example with a real Bergische Kaffeetafel (coffee and snacks).


Start: A 46 Sonnborner Kreuz, alternatively A 1 Remscheid-Lennep 
Route: 75 kilometres