An absolute must: the suspension railway

You simply have to have ridden the “stahlharten Drachen” (dragon hard as steel) at least once

Berlin has the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne has the Cathedral and Wuppertal has the suspension railway. Wuppertal poet Else Lasker Schüler once described it as a dragon hard as steel with many rail heads. You definitely shouldn’t miss a ride on the dragon.

No matter where you get on, a round trip along the 13 kilometre route takes about two hours. On Sundays you only have to wait for a maximum of six minutes. On workdays, the train runs every three minutes. So this little adventure is refreshingly easy to organise.

Residential areas and back courtyards glide by, as do factories, parks and gardens. You mostly float above the Wupper at heights of up to twelve metres, but also through Vohwinkel, along the winding Kaiserstrasse, right past the venerable houses dating back to the period of rapid industrial expansion in Germany.

For lovers of architecture, many of the 20 stations are truly remarkable. For photographers, the route provides unique scenes. And the many sights of this city could hardly be reached in more comfort.

But ultimately, you don’t need a special reason. Because the Wuppertal suspension railway is something you simply have to experience.