Over seven bridges – by trolley

On the trail of the trackmen and level-crossing attendants

The sound of rolling iron wheels mixed with excited voices that echoes through the valley. Through the middle of the forest along the Wupper, delighted groups of four roll along the tracks. But there is no sound of engines to be heard. Because the vehicle that is rumbling closer is driven by muscle power, like a bicycle. A trolley.

It does require a certain level of fitness to get the trolley moving. What used to be a form of transport for trackmen and level-crossing attendants is now a sporty and fun leisure attraction.

The track runs for almost nine kilometres through the forest, often right along the Wupper. You can safely let the views slip by. Sometimes quicker, sometimes slower over the seven bridges, you cross the Wupper alone four times. Along the way, the Textilstadt Wülfing provides a welcome opportunity to take a break.

The “WupperSchiene” from Oberbarmen to the dam wall of the Wuppertalsperre had been decommissioned for years. The “Wuppertrail” development association rescued it from ruin. In addition to the trolley tours, special trips on historical trains are also to be available in the future.