Explore the town on an oldtimer bus

Enjoy a comfortable city round tour – like it was in your grandmother’s time

Perhaps you would like to show your birthday guests from far and wide where you grew up. Or show old companions the historical charm of your home town. Are you looking for a city tour with some special flair for your company outing?

Büssing Präfekt 13D – Mercedes O 305: Hardcore fans nod knowingly. For mere mortals, memories of these historical treasures come back as soon as you see them. A conductor with a ticket clipper? Or, more likely, a one-man operation: Boarding at the front by the driver.

A special highlight: the ÜH IIIs. Built in 1959, it is quite old but still in perfect order thanks to loving restoration and care. What is special about it: it is a trolley bus, which were only very rarely used in Germany. And will continue to be used in Solingen, Keyword e-mobility.

Whether electric or fuelled: These historical buses belonging to Stiftung Regionale Verkehrsgeschichte and the O-Bus-Museum Solingen will take you and your guests back to an almost forgotten time. And this fits perfectly with a viewing of the old grinding cottages, historical marketplaces or a visit to Schloss Burg.