Naturpark Bergisches Land

An Eldorado for hobby sports enthusiasts and nature lovers – but not just that

The Bergisches Land is considered to be the oldest industrial area in Europe and is therefore truly blessed with lovingly preserved witnesses to world-famous handicrafts. At the same time, the region represents a diverse, species-rich landscape where nature is conserved with respect. Welcome to Naturpark Bergisches Land.

The facts are impressive: from Wuppertal in the north to Windeck in the south, this quality-certified nature park covers an area of over 2,000 square kilometres. 3,500 kilometres of hiking trails lead past 16 valley reservoirs, the highest railway bridge in Europe, the biggest restored fortress complex in the region and the oldest suspension railway in the world. Not to mention the many timber-framed villages, open air museums, historical little towns and dreamy river courses in hidden valleys.

All of this makes this nature park an Eldorado for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and anyone interested in history. Do you have a hobby, are sporty or are interested in the country and the people? All year round, Naturpark Bergisches Land has interesting, exciting and entertaining offerings. In order to discover and learn something new – or simply to enjoy nature.