Cross the Wupper by transporter bridge

Across the river on two steel cables using muscle power

Schloss Burg and the Müngstener Bridge are two impressive symbols of the region. They are three kilometres away from each other as the crow flies – an invitation to enjoy a refreshing walk through forest and valley.

Good to know: the hiking trails along the eastern banks of the Wupper leading to Burg are relatively flat. So they are ideal for cyclists, as well as little ones or anyone with mobility restrictions. Anyone who likes it a bit more sporty will prefer the Solingen side.

So the question remains: how to get from one bank to the other? A trip by train over Müngsten Bridge is an exciting experience. The bridge is not open to pedestrians however. A little to the north, there is the small Napoleon Bridge. But even better than that: take the transporter bridge in Brückenpark.