Wupper Experience Trail

Everything flows into the Wupper valley, including the tranquillity of nature

Everything revolves around the river here. The roaring river is ever-present along Erlebnisweg Wupper (Wupper Experience Trail). Sometimes close enough to touch, sometimes only visible from lofty heights. But you can enjoy its beautiful landscape everywhere along the way.

Its course is also exciting. A great many grinding stones are scattered along the hiking trail and are reminders of the manual grinding of long ago. At the Wipperkotten, you can still see the grinders at their work.

You are very close to nature in the Wupper meadows. The river’s floodplain is a paradise for rare animals and plants. Hike along wildly romantic trails high above the Wupper with wonderful views.

Distinctive milestones pave the way. Visit Freiheit Burg, one of the oldest fortresses in the Bergisches Land. Stop off at the Bergische Museumsbahn (historical tram railway) depot. Hop on and enjoy the ride along a magical forest trail.


Degree of difficulty: light
Route: 23 kilometres
Duration: 5 hours
Ascent: approx. 320 m
Descent: approx. 240 m
Starting point of route: Wipperkotten 51.13141°N 7.03304°E
Destination point of route: Manuelskotten 51.19365°N 7.11725°E