Three Valleys Tour

On the go along the old industrial route in the heart of the Bergisch countryside

Nature at every turn. Where the industrialisation of Europe began hundreds of years ago. And water wheels on the rivers drove the hammers and grindstones for making tools. The Three Valleys Tour leads you along the watercourses of the Eschbach, Morsbach and Wupper, which are steeped in history. You can discover many relics from this era along the way. Cottages, hammers and forges tell their exciting histories.

The Three Valleys Tour is pure hiking fun. For the whole family. Hike the old railway lines almost effortlessly. Where once the steam trains puffed, the railway tracks now only serve the purpose of leisure.

There is an occasional incline to overcome. But this is easily done. Once you reach Schloss Burg enthroned high above, the effort of the climb is soon forgotten. A front-row seat awaits as your reward. With a fantastic view of the wooded hills and valleys of the Bergisches Land. Purely to be enjoyed.


Degree of difficulty: light to medium
Route: 27 kilometres
Duration: 7 hours
Ascent: approx. 530 m
Descent: approx. 460 m
Starting point of route: Wanderparkplatz an der Eschbachtalsperre 51.15864°N 7.23114°E
Destination point of route: Hauptbahnhof Remscheid 51.17723°N 7.19940°E