Searching for traces in the clothmaker’s town

An exciting journey through time into the world of looms and steam engines

Winding alleyways between idyllic timber-framed buildings. Bergisch slated houses and romantic squares. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll in the old town of Lennep. But the decorative little town has more to offer you. Go on the hunt for traces. The charm of an old clothmakers’ town awaits you.

The finest cloth was already being made in Lennep in the middle ages. Delve into the world of looms, milling machines and steam engines and discover the old production sites of the traditional textile factories on a round tour. Their weaving made Lennep world famous.

Feel the spirit of the old trade between the old factories and stately homes. Even the former cloister church served as a weaving mill.

Along the way, the Tuchmuseum (textile museum) also invites you to linger for a while. The history of cloth weaving is vividly told here.


Degree of difficulty: light
Route: 3 kilometres
Duration: 1 hour
Ascent: approx. 30m
Descent: approx. 30m
Starting point of route: Deutsches Röntgenmuseum 51.19382°N 7.25947°E
Destination point of route: Tuchmuseum Lennep 51.19347°N 7.26029°E