Morsbach Experience Trail

On the trail of the past through the river valley

It is hard to believe that mills once clattered and hammers once boomed here. Today, you will only hear the river rushing and the sounds of nature along the hiking trail through Morsbachtal. The 13 kilometre route takes you through blooming meadows and dense forests.

Start exuberantly in Müngsten. And cast a glance at the steel wonder that is the Müngsten Bridge. Then off into the idyllic landscape of the river valley. Wide hiking trails and narrow paths constantly interchange. Jump over streams, cross little bridges and walkways and enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the valley from the low hills.

Discover cosy little picnic spots. Stop off at the picturesquely situated Steffenhammer, where the big water wheel still turns.

High-quality tools were once produces along the “most diligent stream” in the Bergisches Land. Morsbachtal thus became famous all over the world.

Treat yourself to another detour to the Leyerbachtal. The people there call the meadow landscape of this nature conservation area with its colourful flora and fauna the “silver valley”.


Degree of difficulty: light
Route: 12 kilometres
Duration: 3,5 hours
Ascent: approx. 270 m
Descent: approx. 170 m
Starting point of route: Brückenpark Müngsten 51.16543°N 7.13643°E
Destination point of route: Remscheid, Hibertshammer 51.20112°N 7.21180°E