Made in Solingen

Auf Messers Schneide (on a knife-edge) - loop tour of the city of blades

Mighty production halls and workers’ houses next to splendid manufacturers’ villas. As well as new technology and the latest design: An exciting loop trail leads you around the listed old Solingen train station. Experience the razor-sharp “Made in Solingen” alternative programme.

Stroll by the old production sites, whose high-quality cutting implements were sent all over the world. Discover one of the most beautiful factory buildings in Solingen at the former Felix Werk. Take a look at the reconstructed delivery office of Solingen’s Herder company. And go on a shopping tour of Henckels Zwillingswerk.

Stop along the way to marvel at the sight of the stately houses: Villa Jellinghaus and Villa Kölker are only a mere foretaste of the wealth of their former inhabitants.


Degree of difficulty: light
Route: 4 kilometres
Duration: 1 hour
Ascent: approx. 20 m
Descent: approx. 20 m
Starting point of route: Forum Produktdesign im Solinger Südpark 51.16424°N 7.08198°E
Destination point of route: Forum Produktdesign im Solinger Südpark 51.16424°N 7.08198°E