Historic Gelpetal Industrial History Trail

Like in the olden days – Hiking with a learning effect

A stylised water wheel shows the way. Where once the Gelpe hammer mill and grinding shops defined the picture along the course of the stream, you can now hike along the Industriegeschichtspfad Historisches Gelpetal (Historic Gelpetal Industrial History Trail). Information boards provide interesting information on the former cottages and hammer facilities.

Start at the picturesquely situated Steffenshammer, the last working water hammer in Gelpetal. It is still home to many witnesses to the industrial history of the past.

Then on past numerous hammers and cottages through the “Zillertal”, as the lower course of the Gelpe is called. Ronsdorfer Talsperre soon appears in the distance. Here, nature takes precedence. A river crab threatened with extinction is at home here in the reservoir. And direct access to the water is blocked by a fence. But looking and enjoying is allowed.

Then back to the Gelpetal. The Speckhämmerchen, which is now used as a residence, is along your way, as are many remains of old mill operations.