Eschbach Valley Experience Trail

Water, more water and waterworks in the river valley

The Eschbach winds through a gentle valley. Deeply notched, as if created for people who seek pure nature and love variety. Because Erlebnisweg Eschbachtal (Eschbach Valley Experience Trail) leads you to exciting witnesses to past industry and artistic water formations.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape on your hike. It is what lends this tour its unique charm. Hike through a valley that opens up magnificently and then narrows into gorges again.

Discover the many witnesses to past industrialisation. Former cottages and hammers as well as mills are scattered along the way. Swords, daggers, scythes and files were once made here with the help of water power.

And in the middle of it all: the lovingly designed “1000wasserfall” artwork. Feel with sight and hearing how the waters of the river rush by you.

At the end of the hiking trail, your gaze falls on water once again. Lots of water. Because this is where you come to the Eschbachtalsperre. Germany’s oldest drinking water valley reservoir is beautifully surrounded by forest.


Difficulty: light
Route: 10 kilometres
Duration: 3 hours
Ascent: approx. 220 m
Descent: approx. 70 m
Starting point of route: Solingen-Unterburg 51.13791°N 7.14815°E
Destination point of route: Remscheid, Eschbachtalsperre 51.15864°N 7.23114°E