Over the Heideterrasse

Play, fun and lots of nature

Heathland, moors and large forests: get on your bike and enjoy the unique natural landscape. A varied loop tour runs through the Hildener Heide and Ohligser Heide heaths. You can also cycle quite safely with children here along the mainly flat trails.

In addition to experiencing nature, there is also lots of fun and play. At Engelsberger Hof: park your bike. Extensive meadows invite you to take a break. An enormous adventure playground will get children’s hearts racing. Or dive in along the way. In summer temperatures, two idyllically located outdoor pools invite you to cool down.

At the end of the tour, there’s still a visit to Mr Owl and friends: at Solingen Vogelpark, in addition to its feathered residents there are also animals from all over the world.


Degree of difficulty: light
Route: 27 kilometres
Duration: 2,5 hours
Ascent: approx. 180 m
Descent: approx. 180 m
Starting point of route: Solinger Vogelpark (bird park)
Destination point of route: Solinger Vogelpark (bird park)

Tour Map