From Südpark to Gräfrath

Cycle along the Korkenziehertrasse (corkscrew line) through Solingen

Explore Solingen pleasantly by bicycle. The Korkenziehertrasse (corkscrew line) makes it possible. Like a green ribbon, it winds through the city district. Surrounded by trees and so much green.

Along the way, there are lots of destinations that will make you want to stop. Just park your bicycle for a while. For example Südpark Solingen around Solingen’s old main station. There, Museum Plagiarius also offers young visitors some exciting insights.

You can also take a lovely break in the historic old town of Gräfrath. Strolling around here is simply great fun.


Difficulty: light
Route: 9 kilometres
Ascent: approx. 70 m
Descent: approx. 70 m
Starting point of route: 51.16377°N 7.07945°E
Destination point of route: 51.16377°N 7.07945°E

Tour Map