Nature & Activity

Experience the tri-city area of Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal Bergisch, naturally and actively

Whether on foot, by bicycle, car or downhill vehicle – the region’s natural surroundings can be explored in many ways. Up close, individually and in person - just the way you want.

Enjoy cycling the Bergisch Panorama cycle trails, where once steam engines clattered along. Discover the Bergisch Three from the saddle along Sambatrasse with a view of Wuppertal Zoo. On a hike to Schloss Burg, treat yourself to a ride to the top by cable railway and enjoy the view of the Bergisches Land. Travel into the past and stroll by the traces of history through the old Bergisch small towns of Beyenburg, Gräfrath and Lennep. Take a winding road trip with a pit stop at Müngsten Bridge, Germany’s highest railway bridge. Discover Bergisch culture and history first hand along the way in the many cottages, hammers, forges and museums. Or look for a cosy little spot and simply enjoy the quiet of nature.

Come on by! You won’t be disappointed. We look forward to meeting you.