Wülfing Museum

Woolly histories: when a factory becomes a town

The Johann Wülfing & Sohn cloth factory was founded on the Wupper in the 18th century. The river provided the energy for everything from washing the raw wool to producing the cloth all under one roof. Around this, the Hardt family who owned the factory built a small town for their workers in the 19th century.

Explore the factory owner’s villa, the workers settlement, train station, post office, co-op and baths. The historical picture overall has still been retained to this day. Some of the buildings of the industrial monument belong to the Wülfing Museum in the former factory.

A steam engine supported the water power from quite early on. Marvel at the last steam engine dating from 1891. At 300 hp, it is the biggest in the Bergisches Land.Learn the production secrets of the museum hand towels. And last but not least: perform a tensile test! A textile test you can really feel.


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