Ribbon Weavers Museum

Certainly not old hat: a ribbon goes out into the world

It was a successful export worldwide: anyone who lifted their Panama hat in Chile or their fedora in Melbourne to say hello would surely touch a ribbon from Ronsdorf, you are told with pleasure.

Look over the shoulders of the experts from the Ronsdorfer Heimat- und Bürgervereins (local history and residents’ association) on a guided tour as the shuttles dance and the spools turn. What were once common devices are displayed: from a manual weaving loom (from about 1836) to a band loom and a Jacquard loom to the modern weaving machine.

The heyday of the Bergisch ribbon mills was in the 19th century. Ronsdorf was considered their centre. For 13,299 inhabitants, there were about 2,000 weaving looms. That was in about 1900. Delve into the world of ribbon weavers and marvel at the silky products of times gone by.

The makers at the museum impart interesting facts about the production of ribbons - and also have a few anecdotes ready for you too. Experience how Jacquard cards, which once revolutionised weaving, are punched and laced. And last but not least: anyone who wants to weave ribbons for the future can use the museum as a wedding location.


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