Lennep Textile Museum

When wool brought wealth and fame...

Fine cloth once made Lennep famous. The looms clattered, the steam engines hissed and the fulling mills groaned on the Wupper.

Discover the Bergisch textile industry. How does simple sheep wool become an elegant suit? How did the weavers and clothmakers live? Why is there nothing left of the past boom in textile production?

Tuchmuseum Lennep tells the history of the textile industry – of its rise, success and decline.

Walk through the alleyways of the medieval town. Learn some fascinating facts about Bergisch weaving on the “Searching for Traces of the Clothmakers’ Town” tour. Even the former cloister church served as a production site.

The Textilstadt Wülfing (Wülfing Textile Town) industrial monument provides fascinating insights into a cloth factory of the time.

Visit them both: The textile museum and Textilstadt Wülfing complement each other perfectly.


Tuchmuseum Lennep
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