Bandweberei Kafka weaving mill

Where the looms rattle as they did in the past

Go on a journey through time. In 1806, Franzose Joseph-Marie Jacquard replaced the camshaft normally used with the endless principle of punch tape operation. The labour-intensive pulling of threads by hand had come to an end and made a wide range of complex patterns possible.

Bandweberei Kafka preceded a weaving mill in Wuppertal-Langerfeld founded in 1898 by Bernhard Mardey as a “Mietfabrik” (rental factory). Since then, the 25 Jacquard looms have been in use there. There are hardly any limits to the form, colour or design of the ribbons, then or now. The products are not just sought-after by designers, clothing manufacturers, museums and private customers worldwide, but perhaps by you too?

Today, the products are only available online. Soon, however, you will again be able to gain an insight into the production at this living museum. In the Bergisch house dating from 1887 next to the listed ribbon weaving factory building, extensive renovation works are to be carried out.

In the future, you will be able to marvel at the high-quality Jacquard ribbons in a shop and purchase them. Creative workshops are to take place in the seminar rooms.


Bandweberei und Museum Kafka
Öhder Straße 47 und 49
42289 Wuppertal
Tel. +49 (0) 2294 / 9 92 30 90