The Wipperkotten: craftsmanship in a picturesque setting

Handmade precision work – without any high-tech

Wipperkotten is picturesquely located on the roaring Wupper. At this last large double cottage facility, you can still see the grinders at their daily work today. While you enjoy the picturesque setting, find out about the craft at the small exhibition or relax with a “coffee in the cottage” next door, your cutting implements that you brought along will be given a general overhaul.

The original Wipperkotten dates back to 1605. The building fell victim to fires on several occasions. In 1858, it was extended for the last time, which is what you see today.

Up to 16 grinders formed, sharpened and polished cutting implements of all kinds here. Precision work: specialist knives can sometimes be no thicker than a sheet of newspaper. The pressure of the blade on the grinding stone is regulated by the grinder using his bodyweight. To do so, he wears a ”Schliepblottschen” – a wooden guard with bits of leather.

This hasn’t changed since ancient times.


Schleiferei Wipperkotten (Außenkotten)
Wipperkotten 2
42699 Solingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 212 / 2 47 39 58 und (0) 212 / 2 33 73 73