German Blade Museum

From murderous daggers to chip forks

Cutlery, knives and scissors, as well as daggers, swords and rapiers: The Klingenmuseum (Blade Museum) in the former Augustinian monastery in Gräfrath presents sharp steel in all of its forms and applications. What is produced in the cottages around Solingen by perfect craftsmanship has made the Klingenstadt (city of blades) famous worldwide.

Exciting stories are told here. The biggest cutlery collection in the world is a reflection of our changing food culture over the centuries. Shiny goods and cutlery, including paintings, graphics and sculptures, tell of noble gifts and old customs, of love and war.

The atmosphere in the side wing is utterly peaceful. The monastery’s church treasure awaits you there. High-quality goldsmith works from the Gothic and baroque periods bear witness to religious life at the former pilgrimage site.

Right next to this, in the Bergisches Haus, children can go on a journey of discovery. Sword, sabres and daggers can all be touched.


Deutsches Klingenmuseum
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