Balkhauser Kotten

Experience and enjoy the living past

The past is alive at Balkhauser Kotten. Because this wonderfully preserved workshop is not just a museum but also a home: lived in and brought to life by the custodian family Heike and Andreas Müller.

It is clear to see from the outside how it is powered by water: a weir dams the river and directs the water to the waterwheel. It is quite large with a diameter of four metres and 32 blades. At the best times, it turns 18 times a minute and generates power of about 30 hp.

Inside, boards provide information on the history and everyday life of a grinding cottage. Watch the grinder at work on special events – for example how he gives your favourite knives a final polish on a small disc. Or try it out for yourself at a sharpening or grinding seminar.

In the cosy cottage shop, not only can you enjoy some refreshments, you can also buy high-quality Solingen knives and scissors – while at the same time contributing to the preservation of the cottage.

And if you happen to be planning a wedding: Balkhauser Kotten is the only wedding location right on the banks of the Wupper where you can marry in the open air. All against the backdrop of a historic grinding museum.


Schleifermuseum Balkhauser Kotten
Kustoren-Familie Heike und Andreas Müller
Balkhauser Kotten 2
42659 Solingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 212 / 3 83 54 53