LVR-Museum Hendrichs Drop Forge

So close and yet so different: the world of factories and forges

The workers slave away at the museum as they did back then. With steel. Watch how a pair of scissors is made from a glowing blank. Industrial culture up close.

When the drop hammer hits the glowing steel, it bangs and hisses. Watch the smith as he works. Steam engines and diesel motors are used time and time again.

Experience the exciting history of the cutting implements industry. Made in Solingen – this is precision craftsmanship. Find out more about the heyday of blade production in Solingen. Founded in 1886, the family business F. & W. Hendrichs became one of the biggest drop forges in the Bergisch city. Blanks were forged for local industry.

Everything is as it was back then. A changing room with old lockers, a washroom, machine and boiler house and an office. See for yourself how the smiths used to work. Next door, you encounter an entirely different world: the decorative company villa provides insights into the world of a factory-owning family. A visit to the museum could not offer greater contrasts.

Tip: Bring your blunt knives and scissors with you. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can have them re-sharpened at the grinding shop.

Would you like more? You can also experience industrial history at the Wiperkotten grinding workshop, at the Dampfschleiferei Loosen Museum, at Taschenmesser-Reiderei Lauterjung, where they make pocket knives, and at the Weegerhof washhouse.


Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs
Merscheider Straße 289-297
42699 Solingen
Tel. +49 (0) 2234 / 99 21 555


Made in Solingen​​​​​​​