German Tool Museum

The useful helper: it all began with stones

From the hand axe to bronze, iron and steel, to digitally controlled high-tech devices. Humans shape their world and manufacture products with good tools. Experience the only technological, social and cultural collection in Germany on the exciting history of tools.

Even as far back as the middle ages, Remscheid and the surrounding areas were ahead of their time. The ingenuity in the ironware industry and tool production knew no bounds. When the extraction of iron ore became no longer viable in the 17th century and the cleared forests no longer provided charcoal for smelting, the focus switched to refining raw iron. Refined steel, the early industrial stainless steel, was processed at water hammers. Delve into the world of the file cutter or marvel at the steam engine from 1907.

The museum can also be hired out: it is suitable for meetings, company presentations and family celebrations in a stylish ambience.


Deutsches Werkzeugmuseum
Cleffstraße 2–6
42855 Remscheid
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