Bergische Struktur- und Wirtschaft

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Industrial History Tours

Of tinkerers, smiths and clothmakers

Search for traces: in the cities and river valleys of the Bergisches Land, you will come across contemporary stone witnesses to Bergisch industrial history.

Swing the hammer and forge your own knife blade at Hendrich’s Drop Forge. The old tram rumbles and squeaks along the mountain line through Kaltenbachtal.

Get out along the way and visit Manuelskotten: there, the grinders still work as they did in the olden days. Listen to stories of Bergisch grinders, witches and Heinzelmännchen (pixies) on the hike trail between Schloss Burg and Brückenpark Müngsten.

The “Bergisch tour” on the oldtimer bus goes past Steffenshammer, the last functioning forge cottage in Morsbachtal. And to the imposing Müngsten Bridge, which has spanned the Wupper valley for more than 100 years.

Or would you prefer to explore Bergisch industrial history under your own steam? “Spurensuche Tuchmacherstadt” (search for traces in the clothmakers’ town) leads you to the old town of Lennep. There is “Made in Solingen” in the Klingenstadt (city of blades). “Zeitreise Schwebebahn” (suspension railway journey through time) can be experienced in Wuppertal. As can “Textil im Wuppertal” (Textile in Wuppertal)“.

Experience-rich hiking and cycle trails along the former railway lines guarantee Bergisch industrial culture you can touch - whether on Shanks pony or an iron horse.