Wuppertaler Bühnen and Symphony Orchestra

A shared home of culture

All under one roof: at Wuppertal Bühnen, opera, theatre and the symphony orchestra are united. Top class international ensembles offer you entertainment at the highest level. One of the residents at this shared home of culture is the Pina Bausch dance theatre. You can experience the compositions by the world-famous master of the art of dance on the opera stage.

The biggest Wuppertal Bühnen venue is the Opera House in Barmen with 700 seats. Lovingly restored, it sparkles with a new shine. The symphony orchestra is at home at the Historische Stadthalle (Historic Town Hall) on Johannisberg. One of the most beautiful concert halls in Europe, equipped with extraordinary acoustics, awaits you there. Plays are staged at the Theater am Engelsgarten.

And Wuppertal Bühnen is known for making opera, theatre and acting more accessible to children and young people. Numerous workshops and interactive events around “boards that mean the world” are offered there.


Wuppertaler Bühnen und Sinfonieorchester GmbH
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42283 Wuppertal
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