Museum Plagiarius

On ingenuity, forgeries and the theft of ideas

Where ingenuity and creativity lead to success, imitations and cheap copies are not far away. The companies of the tri-city area could write a book about this.

Get to know an extremely interesting museum, which is not dedicated to sharp blades or beautiful cutlery. Rather the opposite.

In 1977, the designer Rido Busse created “Plagiarius”: a negative award against plagiarism. Museum Plagiarius in Südpark Solingen shows who this very dubious award has been awarded to over the years. And why.

So not a museum but rather an effrontery put on for show. More than 350 originals and their copies – household items, clothing, cosmetics, medication, children’s toys, lighting, furniture, tools, complex machines and sophisticated devices - clearly demonstrate that product piracy exists in almost every industry.

The term “Solingen” is a protected trademark - as a promise of quality. At Südpark Solingen, in the heart of a region made world famous by its craftsmanship, this show of the theft of ideas has found an ideal location.


Museum Plagiarius
Bahnhofstraße 11
42651 Solingen
Tel. +49 (0) 212 / 22 10 731