German Röntgen Museum

A lateral thinker who revolutionised medicine and science

“I only feel good when I can experiment”. This maxim by the famous physicist, discoverer and researcher is also the motto of the museum, which is dedicated to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Here, visitors of all ages can get actively involved, try things out and go on a tour of discovery. Every tour thus becomes a journey of experience and discovery through medicine, natural science and technology.

Physics was not the path set out for Röntgen. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born in 1845 in Lennep as the only child of a clothmaking family. The house where he was born, a stone's throw away from the museum, has been open to the public again since autumn 2018. A winding path via the Netherlands and Switzerland finally led the creative lateral thinker to the University of Würzburg. There, he made his famous breakthrough in 1895, the invention of x-rays, which made the body “transparent”. Six years later, he was the first person to be honoured with the Nobel Prize for Physics.

The Röntgen Museum on the edge of the old town of Lennep allows you to wander along the traces of the discoverer. On your own or in the context of an expert guided tour. The visitors' laboratory, cinema, restaurant, museum shop and changing exhibitions guarantee a varied and active museum experience.


Deutsches Röntgen-Museum
Schwelmer Straße 41
42897 Remscheid-Lennep
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