Engels Year 2020

Lots of events relating to Friedrich Engels in Wuppertal

Friedrich Engels, one of the greatest philosophers, social critics and revolutionaries of the 19th century, will be celebrated for a whole year in Wuppertal.

Born in what was then the independent town of Barmen, the company owner’s son developed Marxism, the social and economic theory of scientific socialism, with Karl Marx.

In Wuppertal, a lot is planned for the 200th birthday of Friedrich Engels (1820–1895). For a whole year, numerous events will be taking place on the work of Friedrich Engels.

Be inspired by the then revolutionary ideas of Friedrich Engels and go on a journey through time to the 19th century. The social change was enormous.

Take a look at the realities and ideas of the age of industrialisation. And find out more about Friedrich Engels as one of the most important thinkers and fighters against the impoverishment of the workers in the 19th century.