Engels House

On the life and work of Friedrich Engels from Barmen

He was an important philosopher, social critic and revolutionary: Friedrich Engels (1820–1895). The Engels House documents the course of his life: from company owner’s son to politically active journalist and co-founder of Marxism, the social theory of scientific socialism.

He was involved in the Revolution of 1848/49 and a leading figure in the international workers’ movement. His life was defined by the social change caused by industrialisation.

Engels was a child from Barmen: born as the son of a clothmaking family in what is now a city district of Wuppertal. His grandfather, the textile maker Johann Caspar Engels, came to prosperity from modest beginnings by being frugal and diligent.

This is clear from the residential house - now known as the Engels House. It is decorated with murals and furnishings from the 18th and early 19th centuries.

You can visit the Engels House after it has been renovated in 2020.


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