Centre for Persecuted Art

A worthwhile examination of dictatorship and freedom

The Guardian newspaper in London once praised the “Zentrum für verfolgte Künste” (Centre for Persecuted Art) art museum in Solingen as one of the ten best new museums in the world – along with establishments in Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Cairo, New York and Venice.

Since 2015, this extraordinary institution has honoured artists whose opportunities to develop were blocked, impeded or destroyed through terror and violence. The focus is on victims of totalitarian regimes and dictatorships – past and present.

Around 3,500 pictures, books, newspapers, documents and photographs critically examine political and social events between 1914 and 1989. Biographies and works provide insights into the mechanisms of persecution and ostracisation, as well as into the strategies of those who were persecuted and fled in order to survive and overcome the threat.

Current references in exhibitions and events demand social-political discourse: a worthwhile offering for politically engaged persons of any age.


Zentrum für verfolgte Künste
(im Kunstmuseum Solingen)
Wuppertaler Straße 160
42653 Solingen
Tel. +49 (0) 212 / 2 58 14-0
E-Mail: info@verfolgte-kuenste.de
Internet: www.verfolgte-kuenste.de