Bergische Struktur- und Wirtschaft

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Industrial History Museums

Bergisch style, hot iron and razor-sharp histories

It began in the Bergisches Land. The region is considered to be the cradle of industrialisation in Europe. The people did pioneering work, inspired by entrepreneurial spirit and visions of the future. Progress, prosperity and wealth were the result. A success story that still has an effect today.

Come on a journey through time. Some locations are still active production sites. Experience the working world as it once was at hammers, cottages and forges along the streams and rivers. You will soon realise that a lot revolves around cutting implements, cutlery and scissors in Solingen. Tools and machines from Remscheid still have an excellent reputation today. Above all, Wuppertal made a name for itself as a location for chemicals and textiles.

At the museums, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about Bergisch industrial history. And last but not least: there is plenty of technology to touch and try out. Not just for grown-ups. Little guests are also welcome.