Bergische Struktur- und Wirtschaft

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Colourful, diverse, creative – the culture scene of the three cities

Wuppertal has a lively art and culture scene. For example, Pina Bausch. Initially, her choreographies were controversial: they turned dance into theatre. And then: a revolution that started in Wuppertal re-defined dance. Visit her dance theatre and you will understand why the ensemble is celebrated worldwide today.

The Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal (Wuppertal’s Historic Town Hall) is a Jugendstil jewel with unique acoustics. A fantastic place for concerts and events. At Skulpturenpark Wuppertal, you experience how nature and art compliment each other wonderfully. The Von-der-Heydt Museum takes you on a journey through time from the art of the 16th century to the present day.

Wuppertal’s Luisenviertel is not the only place for local cabaret. The creative spirits are also at work in the old clothmakers’ town of Lennep. Browse through the programme for the Rotationstheater and Kulturzentrum Klosterkirche.

The Teo-Otto-Theater in Remscheid is the home venue of the Bergisch Symphony Orchestra, but some of the musicians come from the neighbouring city of Solingen. Guaranteed to be a joy to listen to. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the music. The programme for Theater und Konzerthaus Solingen is also packed with fabulous cultural experiences.