Wuppertal suspension railway

Float as they did in the days of the Kaiser

It is world famous and older than the city: the Wuppertal suspension railway. It races through the city suspended from its steel construction, without any traffic jams or crossings. Get on board and float too. Past the old factories, retail establishments, back courtyards and romantic gardens. Unique insights into the Bergisch city included.

The nostalgic “Kaiser’s carriage” makes for a particularly enjoyable ride. Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife once travelled in this ostentatiously decorated carriage. It has now been restored in accordance with the style and is available for cosy coffee trips and atmospheric evening excursions. Included in the fun: city tour guides in historic costumes and their fascinating stories.

A tip: go on a journey through time. Five of the suspension railway stations are starting points for themed tours into the past. The region’s industrial history is vividly told on the tours. Come with us!


Wuppertaler Schwebebahn
Internet: www.schwebebahn.de