Südpark Solingen

Where creativity and art are at home

The listed former main station in Solingen is a creative place: there, it’s all about product design and art.

Art has moved into the former warehouses next to the old main station. Artists work in a total of 16 studios. They present paintings, graphics and sculptures. Looking at and experiencing art are one thing. Getting actively involved yourself is another. You can participate in events, workshops and seminars.

Design, development, quality: these have made Solingen famous worldwide. At Forum Produktdesign in the old train station, people get together for exhibitions and conventions.

Where good design succeeds, imitators and idea thieves follow. Museum Plagiarius shows a collection of forgeries. You can directly compare the originals and copies.

Cafés and restaurants in Südpark around the former main station provide treats for foodies.


Alter Bahnhof / Südpark Solingen
Bahnhofstr. 15
42651 Solingen
Internet: www.gueterhallen.de