Schloss Burg

Back to the middle ages: as a guest of the knight and lady of the castle

The seemingly medieval fortress of Schloss Burg is located 110 metres above the Wupper. Enjoy a magnificent long-range view of the Bergisches Land from there. Fresh Bergisch air included.

A winding road leads up to the castle. Or you can go on foot along narrow paths. Ascend in comfort: don’t miss out on the fun of a cablecar ride. Simply get in, let your legs dangle over the forest and the Wupper and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Once you arrive at the top, the medieval ambience is guaranteed. And there is quite a lot to see: the impressive walls, the knight’s hall, the bower and the armaments chamber. Elaborate jousting tournaments take place there several times a year.

Relax at one of the cafés or wander around medieval markets and bazaars. Schloss Burg: a lasting memory.


Schloss Burg a/d Wupper
Schlossplatz 2
42659 Solingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 212 / 24 226-26