Lennep’s old town

A small Bergisch town in changing times

Discover the winding alleyways and idyllic timber-framed buildings in Lennep. The old town is a real gem and one of the oldest towns in the Bergisches Land.

Stroll over cobblestones along the historical walls through the circular old town with its medieval character. On the old road between Cologne and Ostsee, the town received its charter in 1230 and was an important trading location. Today, Lennep is part of Remscheid.

The medieval ambience is everywhere. Lennep became famous for its clothmaking industry. The industrialisation of the textile industry began there. The cloth was produced down in the valley on the Wupper while the choirmasters stayed in the town.

Delve into the past and learn some fascinating facts about the history of Bergisch weaving on the “Searching for Traces of the Clothmakers’ Town” tour. Even the former cloister church served as a weaving mill and production site.

The town of the clothmakers is also the birthplace of a very important inventor: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born in Lennep in 1845. An exploratory stop at the Röntgenmuseum is well worth it: young and old are invited to explore and experiment creatively with the x-rays.

Textiles are soon to play a role in Lennep once again. In 2021 a designer outlet is to open its doors within walking distance.