Gräfrath Old Town

A journey to past times

This is how it was before: in the old town of Gräfrath time seems to have stood still. You can still clearly see the pre-industrial little town it once was. From the time of the late baroque and Biedermeier.

The whole old town of Gräfrath is a unique historic and architectural monument. The town centre has around 120 listed monuments.

Stroll through the narrow alleyways with their slated, timber-framed buildings. You will be surprised at how lovingly the old buildings have been restored.

It can already be seen from afar: the Cloister Church of the Assumption of Mary. It is not only the biggest but also the oldest building in the town. Built in around 1195, it’s current appearance dates back to fires in 1686 and 1717 during the baroque period.

You can really relax in this wonderful old town ambience. There are cosy offerings to suit every taste around the romantic marketplace, whether its a restaurant, bistro, café, beer garden or ice-cream parlour. An historical excursion where you can enjoy a few pleasant hours.