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Gaskessel Wuppertal

Industrial monument with a light show

66 metres high and a fantastic view of Wuppertal: a former gas storage facility makes it possible. Elaborately renovated, it is now an attraction for visitors from near and far. And a small symbol of Wuppertal in the east.

The industrial structure appears to be round but has 20 corners and five storeys. These were imaginatively integrated in 2019. The restaurant on the ground floor serves Mediterranean cuisine with a large portion of cosiness. You can work off any excess pounds straight away at the fitness centre on the floor above.

But the highlight is the fifth floor. Let yourself be inspired by the fantastic light shows there. World famous light artists create illuminations on the 360 degree canvas. You find yourself in the middle of one of the artistic projections of light and sound.

Just smell the fresh air. On the roof, the skywalk offers an all-round view of Wuppertal. Enjoy the sunset from above: you will remember it for a very long time.


Gaskessel Info- & Servicecenter
Mohrenstraße 3
42289 Wuppertal
Tel.: +49 (0)202 / 26 532 896